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x_beccy_jonas_x's Journal

Becky - 16 - Didcot Girls - Blackbelt :)
Jemi shipper!
baking (toffecheese-cake) little sister, beach, brooke/lucas (+angie/jamie, cheryl cole, dallas lovato, dance (ballet mostly, david/selena, demi lovato, demi lovato's band, fanfictions, god-kids., hm, jac vanek, jonas brothers, justin/alex, kelly clarkson, laugh and love!, live, miley cyrus, miley/jake, mouth/rachel, my cc girls, nathan/hayley, nick/miley and kevin/danielle., people -, personally - taekwon-do, peyton/jake., ships - joe/demi, sketching, sonny/chad, sophia bush, swac, taylor swift, the academy is..., the best friends, the veronica's, wowp, x-factor