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Baby sister's birthday.

My sister, my baby sister is 13 todayyy!!

Happy Birthday baby girl! I hope your 13th year is amazing, and drama-free although I doubt it. Wishing you so much love and happiness :)

And I hope you love all of your presents!! I’m sure you will. There is so so much One Direction stuff & Demi Lovato everywhere!! Thankyou to all my friends so far that have wished her a happy birthday (not dropping hints to those who havent, promise).

I ♥ her and you.

Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

I was 7. I was baking in the kitchen with my mum, making my dad's birthday cake for his birthday dinner that night and we had a music channel playing it the background when the breaking news thing appeared.

The first time I saw footage I felt sick, and even now I can't see the footage of the people jumping from the buildings without wanting to cry. I just remember feeling cold & not understanding why someone would want to. I remember my mum crying & trying to contact family & friends that are New York/New Jersey based.

It's a blurry memory though. I remember really clearly though my dad saying 'well this is a brilliant birthday' super sarcastically.

Writer's Block: Forever young

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

I've give it to my Uncle Billy (he's not actually my uncle, he was my great uncle's best friend, and has been a part of my family for years).
He's 94, and one of the most incredible men in the World. He has married the love of his life, had 6 children of his own, then adopted another 3 and fostered a whole bunch more. He was totally deveasted when Joy (his wife) died but yet he picked up the pieces for everyone.
He basically brought my dad and his siblings up when my grandmother died + my grand-dad was struggling, and has been totally amazing to me and my sister.

I'd be a total mess if he died.

When I was 8, he got super sick and I made me promise (he pinky-swore) that he'd stay alive until my 10th birthday because I was going to Disneyland and wanted to show him the pictures.
Once I turned 10, I made him promise he'd still be around for my 13th (he pinky-swore), then when I turned 13, the promise changed until my 16th, then on my 16th it changed until 18.
But then around my 17th, he got sick again and I changed the promise that he must be there at my wedding, physically, sat front row.
He pinky-swore and promised me he'd be around for as long as he possibly can.

So yeah, I'd give it to him.

Writer's Block: Color me curious

If you were a crayon, what color would you be, and why? What color would your ideal mate be, and why?

Purple. Sparkly aubergine type colour. No clue why, I've just always been drawn to purple. My Nana says it's because my aura has purple vibes through it. *shrugs* Who knows.

And black. Stable. Dependable. Strong. Matches everything.

It's finally over!


Dear Danielle Jonas,

Although we are a little bit crazy, us Jonas fans like to welcome you into our world, you are amazing and if Kevin loves you we love you ♥ 
Thankyou for making him happy and for loving him as Kevin the person not as Kevin of the Jonas Brothers.
I hope it was the happiest day of your lives and the beginning of forever together. ♥ 

A Morning With You - Joe/Demi

My fic for the 200th Clumsy Cuddlers thread - I love these two and you girls.
Thanks to Han who edited, summarised and titled for me :)

Joe and Demi cuteness under . . .Collapse )

The amazingness that is Demi Lovato.

Catch Up on EVERTHING.